No two businesses are alike and often it is not possible to find off-the-shelf software that exactly matches what you require in order to run your business processes smoothly. At Unique Software Solutions  we can provide bespoke software for your business, that is designed to do exactly what you want.


We can write software for your desktop or for access via web pages. We can write small packages for you or large ones, and minor software tasks up to much larger ones. Don’t drown in a sea of spreadsheets. We can adapt them for you, or write you something new.

We offer bespoke software development:

    • Software that is tailor made for your company, in consultation with you.
    •  You are given the entire documented project, including the source code.
    •  Further development and customisation is possible as your business changes, at your pace.
    • You have the freedom for further development and customisation with your choice of developer. We do not lock you in to using us.
    • No unwanted extras.
    • No annual license fees

We are skilled at writing programs to manage databases. Whatever your data we can create a database and a program for you so that you can access, search and manage the data in the way you require.

Call us on 0845 4686000 or email us to find out if we can help you.

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