Unique Software Solutions  design, develop, maintain and re-engineer software. We are specialists in solving computer software and hardware problems. Our main services are:


Bespoke software development

Software re-engineering and

Solutions to hardware and
software problems

Bespoke software development

We design software that is tailor made for your company, in consultation with you. We give you the entire documented project, including the source code. This means you are in control and have the freedom to make your own modifications in the future.

The delivered program has exactly the features you require so that the program operates smoothly in a way that you have specified and there are no unwanted extras.
Further development and customisation can take place as your business grows, as you decide, and with your choice of developer.
There are no annual license fees

Software re-engineering and development

Older software programs and systems often remain vital to an organisation. We have the expertise to improve and enhance legacy programs, whatever language they are written in, including the conversion of  DOS programs to Windows, whilst maintaining the original code functionality.

We understand electronics and its application to the control of plant and can find solutions to problems that you may have due to the age of your equipment or your software.

We are able to work with your existing code even if your documentation is lost. We can re-engineer a program, even if you do not have the source code.

We have re-engineered, updated, enhanced and sometime rewritten legacy software for a number of engineering companies.

Solutions to hardware and software problems

Unique Software Solutions ’  engineers have been dealing in computer hardware and software since the 1970’s and so whatever your needs, our unique blend of skills will help find the solution.

We have direct experience of understanding the issues and theoretical underpinning that hardware engineers build on and so the dialogue between them and us is efficient and unambiguous.
We are problem solvers with highly developed analytical skills and are particularly good in novel and complex situations.
In addition our deep understanding of electronics and protocols enables us to emulate your plant at our offices. This cuts down on the access we need to your equipment and our presence on your site – completely minimising any downtime for you.