Businesses, non-business organisations and individuals all need to manage their data in a way that suits their working practice. The systems employed range from off-the-shelf packages designed for database management, such as CRM programs, through to spreadsheets manipulated by the user.


We have observed that it is not always possible to find ‘off the shelf’ packages that fit the requirements exactly. One size does not fit all and generally no two businesses use the same procedures for say, allocating and printing purchase orders for example, or tracking equipment. Clients come to us for a bespoke program that will access and display their data in the way they determine. We provide our clients with programs designed to do exactly what they need, and with flexibility for enabling future modifications.

Your data need not be business related and could be the result of academic research. Whatever your data we can create a database and a program for you so that you can access, search and manage the data in the way you require.

Members of Unique Software Solutions  have designed and developed the database and database access and management via web pages for the Council for British Archaeology East Midlands Parish Boundaries Project. Local  information is being added to the database, via the website,  by registered users throughout Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Rutland. The  project website is becoming an online resource for researchers interested in the archaeology and history of the East Midlands.

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“Thanks for all your help in getting the database implemented this year. It’s been second to none. I really appreciate all the short notice work you have done in order to make the implementation go as smoothly as possible.“
Gavin Handbury, Chief Observer
Wavefield Inseis (now CGG Veritas)